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Friday, 12th March 2010
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Whaling protester arrested in Japan

An anti-whaling protestor who boarded a Japanese boat earlier this year has been arrested by the coastguard on the vessel's arrival back into Japanese waters.

Peter Bethune hit the headlines in February, when he managed to get aboard a whaling ship travelling at high speed in the Southern Ocean, by jet ski.

Mr Bethune is the captain of the Ady Gil, a boat used by anti-whaling protestors from the Sea Shepherd conservation group, who regularly head out to try and stop the traditional Japanese whale hunt which takes place every year.

The Japanese authorities insist that the hunt is for scientific reasons and that endangered whales are not targeted.

Mr Bethune has been detained on board the whaling boat Shonan Maru 2 since he illegally boarded it in February and it arrived back into Japan this week, where he was arrested by the coastguard.

He claimed to be boarding the boat to make a citizen's arrest and accused the Shonan Maru 2 captain of trying to deliberately crash into the Ady Gil.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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