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Thursday, 18th December 2008
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Wi-Fi coming to Japan's bullet trains

Passengers travelling on Japan's bullet train system from next year will be able to hook up to the internet during their journey.

The new N700 series trains, which can travel at speeds of 270 kilometres per hour, will offer Wi-Fi service throughout cars at connections of around two megabytes bits per second.

A wire, known as a 'leaky coax', located alongside the bullet train track will send and receive signals wirelessly, reports PC World.

Plans for fitting bullet trains with a wireless internet service were first announced two year ago, however they were put on hold and linked to the launch of the new series, rather than retrofitting older trains.

Earlier this year, Wi-Fi in Japan was given a boost when Livedoor and Fon Japan announced the would team up and connect their Wi-Fi access points across the country.

The deal allows Livedoor customers to connect to Fon's 31,000 Wi-Fi points throughout Japan.

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