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Thursday, 18th December 2008
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Japan Airlines to test biofuel

Japan Airlines has announced it is to be the first carrier in Asia to carry out a test flight using biofuel.

A blend of 50 per cent biofuel and 50 per cent traditional Jet-A jet fuel will be used in the demonstration.

Boeing, Continental Airlines and GE Aviation have also announced their intention to conduct test flights using biofuels.

Data will be collated during the flight and be analysed engineers from Pratt & Whitney and Boeing.

Recently, Virgin Atlantic flew one of its Boeing 747 jumbo jets from Heathrow to Amsterdam using biofuel, reports the Environmental Leader.

British Airways and Rolls-Royce have also announced they are to fund research into alternative fuels for the aviation industry.

Also known as agrofuels, biofuels are comprised biomass or bio waste.

Produce specially grown for the biofuel production includes switchgrass, soybeans and corn, sugar cane and wheat.

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