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Friday, 8th January 2010
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Prius Japan's top selling car in 2009

The Toyota Prius was the top selling car in Japan during 2009, new figures have shown.

According to numbers published by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, 208,876 Prius cars were sold in Japan last year, with the second place car - the Honda Fit - shifting just 157,324 vehicles.

Sales of the Prius in 2009 were 285.7 per cent higher than in 2008, the group said.

As well as topping the selling list with the Prius, Toyota enjoyed success with a number of other cars - in total, its vehicles accounted for eight out of the ten best selling vehicles in the country.

Since May 2009, the Prius - a car favoured by the eco-conscious as it runs on a mixture of electricity and fuel - has been the best selling vehicle in Japan.

Sales of hybrid cars in Japan have been helped by government initiatives encouraging people to be more eco-friendly.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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