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Thursday, 1st December 2016
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Japanese Murakami fans poised for February release of new novel

Fans of the internationally renowned novelist, Haruki Murakami, have been given some exciting news, with the release date for his next book announced.

The newest novel will be on sale in Japan in February, according to Shinchosha Publishing C, which prints the books.

Other than this, information on the release, including an exact date, what the theme of the novel and its title will be, is still scarce.

The announcement was made on the publisher’s website yesterday (November 30th) with a picture of two blank books and the words: “Haruki Murakami’s new novel coming soon in February 2017.”

Murakami himself has given little away, although he did describe the upcoming work as a very strange story when he recently spoke at an event in Denmark.

The writer was visiting the country to receive the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award, which shows his wide-reaching appeal outside of his homeland.

Such international readers may have to wait longer than his Japanese fans to get hold of the new novel, however, as there has been no indication of when it will be available overseas.

Some of Murakami’s longer works have been released in multiple volumes of shorter length, but it has not yet been clear if this will be the case with the upcoming title.

Among his lengthy novels was 1Q84, which came out in 2009, with the Japanese edition being formatted into three volumes.

He burst onto the literary scene in 1987 with his novel Norwegian Wood, which went on to become a best-seller.

Murakami’s books have continued to reach large audiences right up to his most recent novel Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage in 2013.

A year later he released a collection of short stories entitled Men Without Women, so his fans are more than ready to enjoy another full-length novel from the writer.

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