G-can flood surge tunnels

G-can flood surge tunnels

Take a peek beneath Tokyo's city streets at the hauntingly beautiful flood surge tunnels.

50 metres beneath Tokyo lie colossal underground flood surge tunnels; a staggering feat of engineering. Over 4 miles long, the G-Can network of tunnels included super-powered pumps and huge tanks dedicated to keeping Tokyo dry during rainy season and in the case of flooding.

Construction on the tunnels started in 1992 and the complex is still growing. The main tank, often likened to an underground temple, has been used as an atmospheric backdrop in many films and TV shows. This giant tank measures 25.4m x 177m x 78m, is supported by 59 gargantuan pillars and has seventy-eight 14,000 horsepower pumps to force water back into the Edogawa River.

InsideJapan can arrange a guided tour of the tunnels; strangely beautiful and fascinating to explore, the tunnels show a very different side to the Tokyo metropolis.

When to go: Tuesday to Friday, 3 tours a day.

G-can flood surge tunnels

located in Tokyo

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