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Thursday, 6th August 2015

Welcome to our new staff members

Next week we are excited to be welcoming six new starters to our teams across America, England and Japan.

Lawrence Pryer, Emma Price and Tess Thomas will be joining the Bristol office as travel consultants. Lawrence has been living in Japan since March 2010, and has travelled extensively throughout the country - from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Emma has also spent the past five years in Japan, teaching English to adults and children and working for the Sendai Board of Education, while Tess spent two years in Nagasaki, and is now studying for a Masters in cross-cultural communication.

Joining our American office are Wyatt Duea and Grant Ekelund. During his time in Japan, Wyatt lived near Aomori in the far north of Honshu Island, where he enjoyed exploring the great outdoors and relaxing in the local hot spring. Grant split his two years in Japan between Nagoya and Kanazawa, where he taught English at a conversation school and enjoyed eating okonomiyaki and drinking Japanese craft beer.

Last but not least, joining our Nagoya office we have Patrick Loyer - a native Canadian, former English language teacher, and taiko enthusiast