Perhaps the most beautiful place in Japan (and one of our favourite destinations in the whole country), Kamikochi boasts mountainous terrain and stunning scenery to rival that of anywhere in the world. There is simply no better place to pull on your hiking boots and head into the outdoors as you walk along the Azusa River amid striking natural splendour - with friendly mountain huts and traditional ryokan inns aplenty for when it comes time to rest.

Kamikochi Map

“With the threat of an approaching typhoon, I almost cancelled my trip to Kamikochi. Thank goodness I didn't! When I arrived I was rewarded with bright blue skies, beautiful mountain scenery and crystal clear waters. The perfect place for a few days gentle hiking or more intense mountain climbing.”

Lawrence Pryer, Business Development Manager

Few road journeys can compare with the approach Kamikochi, hidden away in the alpine peaks.  The drive through the mountains is breath-taking, yet it is nothing compared to what you'll find on the other side, as the tunnels transport you to what feels like a different world. Situated more than 2,000 metres above sea level in the centre of the northern Japan Alps, Kamikochi is a national park of stunning natural beauty.

Kamikochi found fame in prominent Japanese Novelist Ryunosuke Akutagawa novel Kappa, and was given national park status in 1934 after Prince Chubusangaku himself climbed Okuhotakadake and Yarigatake mountains from Kamikochi.  

A couple of nights here will give you the chance to enjoy some hiking, followed by a dip or two in the rotenburo, an outside hot-spring bath. A variety of accommodation is available from log cabins through to luxury ryokan and hotels. There are barbecue areas set aside in the Konashidaira camp site as well as a couple of eateries in case you fancy a warming bowl of noodles or a Japanese curry.

Don't forget to pack a woolly sweater as even in the summer months a night in the mountains can be a bit chilly, with temperatures on average around 5C less than in Tokyo.  As night falls temperatures will drop as the clear skies reveal an inspiring view of the heavens. Quite simply, Kamikochi will take your breath away.

Recommended Accommodation in Kamikochi

The following are our favourites from among the western-style hotels and Japanese-style inns of Kamikochi.

Experiences in Kamikochi

Kamikochi offers a wealth of exciting experiences that will help you get beneath the surface of Japan's fascinating culture. See below for a few of our favourites

Weather in Kamikochi

The Climate Guide for Kamikochi, Japan is perfect for planning your holiday. Monthly weather averages give the best indication of what the weather is usually like for every month of the year including figures for temperature, rainfall and sunshine.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max Daytime Temperature (°C) 0 1 5 13 18 21 25 26 21 15 9 3
Min Night-time Temperature (°C) -9 -9 -5 1 6 12 16 17 13 5 -1 -6
Hours of Sunshine (Daily) 4 4 5 6 6 5 4 5 4 4 4 4
Hours of Daylight (Daily) 10 11 12 13 14 15 14 13 12 11 10 10
Heat and Humidity Discomfort None None None None None None Low Low None None None None
Days with some Rainfall 23 21 20 17 16 20 22 19 19 15 16 21
Monthly Rainfall (mm) 43 58 95 121 129 210 227 167 224 109 74 35
UV Index (Maximum) 2 4 6 8 9 10 11 10 8 6 3 2