A tiny island in the Kerama Island group, just off the coast of Okinawa Island, Akajima boasts a wide variety of dive sites within easy reach. Sheltered by Zamami, Tokashiki, and Akajima islands, the Kerama chain has allowed around 248 species of coral to flourish, and along with them a dazzling array of sea creatures from manta rays and hammerhead sharks to sea turtles and the occasional Kerama deer making its way from island to island!

Akajima Map

It is connected by bridge to the islands of Geruma and Fukaji which are also easy to explore by foot, bicycle or kayak, and if you are lucky you may even see deer swimming between the three islands. From January to April the waters also attract humpback whales which provide a stunning natural spectacle adding to the natural charm of the Kerama Islands.

Recommended Accommodation in Akajima

The following are our favourites from among the western-style hotels and Japanese-style inns of Akajima.