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Ishigaki Beach Extension (Group Tour Add-On)

6 Nights: from US$2821 per person (twin share) Trip Code: AOIBES

Say farewell to Honshu as you travel from Osaka to the island haven of Ishigaki for four blissful nights and some incredible water sports, then journey back to Tokyo for a last unforgettable night in Japan. Read more >

Your Spirit of Honshu Small Group Tour may be over, but rather than heading straight home, how about extending your stay with a Self-Guided trip? Travel first to Osaka, the foodie capital of Japan, for one night - then onwards to the subtropical island paradise of Ishigaki for a little bit of rest and relaxation, followed by a final night in the buzzing metropolis of Tokyo.

You will probably be adept at getting around Japan by the end of your Small Group Tour, so in this extension you will travel independently from Kyoto down to Osaka and then on to Ishigaki. This time you'll not only travel on Japan's fabulous trains, but also take domestic flights to and from Ishigaki as well as using a rental car to explore the island, which is by far the easiest way of getting around. Please note that it is necessary for you to obtain an International Driving Permit in your home country before travelling to Japan.

Ishigaki is an island in the Yaeyama archipelago in Okinawa, about 1,950km from Tokyo and nearer to Taiwan than Okinawa Island. It is home to pristine white sand beaches, clear waters teeming with marine life from coral reefs in Kabira Bay to manta rays, and jungle-covered mountains. Ishigaki is the perfect place for relaxing after your Small Group Tour, and the variety of marine sports available means that you won't ever get bored. If you would like to arrange scuba-diving or another experience, please let us know and we can book that for you. We also recommend a day trip by boat to neighbouring Iriomote Island to meet the native wildcats and kayak through the lush mangrove forests, or a trip to Taketomi Island which has plenty of white sandy beaches for relaxing.

After four nights in Okinawa you will return to Honshu to spend your final night in Tokyo. We've arranged for you to be in the vibrant Shinjuku area where you will have the pick of delicious restaurants, lively bars, and sprawling department stores to do a last bit of shopping.

On your final morning we will arrange a private car to take your from your hotel to Narita Airport in plenty of time for your flight home.

This extension package is designed to be bolted on to one of our Small Group Tours. It works best when combined with Spirit of Honshu. Please note that the extension is Self-Guided. This means you will not be travelling in a group or with a tour leader, but full instructions including details of your journeys and directions to your accommodation will be included in your complimentary InsideJapan Tours' Info-Pack.

At a glance

What's Included

What's included

  • Six nights' accommodation
  • Breakfast every day
  • Domestic flights to and from Ishigaki
  • Car rental on Ishigaki
  • All transport between destinations
  • Airport transfer to Narita Airport at the end of your trip
  • Your personalised InsideJapan Info-Pack

What's NOT included:

  • International flights
  • Local transport (buses, subways, taxis) at any destinations
  • Any entrance fees including those for shrines, temples and museums
  • Baggage handling - you will be expected to carry your own bags for the duration of the trip

Trip Highlights

  • Tuck in to Osaka's moreish street food amid the lights of Dotonbori Street
  • Relax in style on the white beaches of Ishigaki
  • Take a day trip to Iriomote Island and discover its pristine beaches, meandering hiking trails, and native wildcats
  • Explore Ishigaki Island in your own rental car and marvel at the clear waters of Kabira Bay or the lush mangrove jungles
  • Try out scuba diving or meet the manta rays on an optional trip
  • Enjoy a final night in Tokyo's buzzing Shinjuku district

For more information email us: [email protected] or call: 303 952 0379

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Ishigaki Beach Extension (Group Tour Add-On) - 7 Days

Map for Ishigaki Beach Extension (Group Tour Add-On)

Ishigaki Beach Extension (Group Tour Add-On) - 7 Days - Day by Day

Ishigaki Beach Extension (Group Tour Add-On) - 7 Days - Accommodation

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