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Wednesday, 7th October 2009
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UN report: Japan tenth best country to live in

Japan is the tenth best place in the world to live, according to the results of a new UN survey.

According to the annual Human Development Index, the country is a better place to live in than the US, the UK, Spain, Italy and China, among other nations.

As well as being voted within the top ten, Japan also boasted the highest life expectancy out of every country on the list, at an average of 82.7 years.

Recnet figures released by the Japanese government suggested that more than 40,000 people in the country are aged 100 or over.

Japan came 26th in the survey, behind France and ahead of Spain, for GDP per capita.

Overall, Asia as a continent did well in the survey, with only one Asian nation coming in the bottom ten for quality of life.

A total of 182 countries are looked at for the index, which takes into account life expectancy, levels of literacy, the number of children in school and the per capita gross product of a nation.

Written by Kimberley Homer.