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Monday, 5th October 2009
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Rice and noodles 'gateway to global cuisine'

Rice and noodles are among the ingredients which could give people a taste of global cuisine, it has been said.

According to Gillian Carter editor of the Good Food Magazine, the ingredients may be simple but are "a gateway" to food from all around the world, as well as being "fantastic value".

Known for its healthy and fresh food, the cuisine in Japan often features rice and noodles.

Ms Carter's comments followed findings from Mintel, which showed that over the past five years, sales of pasta, rice and noodles have gone up by 41 per cent.

In the next five years, these sales are expected to increase by a further 25 per cent.

Meanwhile, writing for the Taiwan News, La Carmina, a writer who lives in Tokyo but hails from Canada, recently noted that the cuisine which can be found in Japan is often unusual.

She has recently written a book detailing 30 themed restaurants in Tokyo, with establishments including one where diners sit behind prison bars and another which is decorated with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Written by Mark Smith.

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