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Monday, 2nd June 2008
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Japan-based store chain releases adventurous new rice balls

A convenience store chain in Japan is selling a range of unusually flavoured rice balls, it has emerged.

Fans of dango and mochi may be interested by news of the move by FamilyMart who, in collaboration with Calbee Foods, are currently selling rice balls - known in Japanese as onigiri - that contain fillings such as crisps and consomme.

The new snacks will be available to purchase until June 9th.

According to, onigir usually come with a tasty filling and, on account of their portability, are very popular.

"Part of their appeal lies in the fact that if you're Japanese, you just love the taste of rice. It's genetic," said the website.

These rice balls differ from mochi in that the latter are created from glutinous rice that has been ground into a powder.