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Tuesday, 25th August 2009
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Japan 'may host new Jamie Oliver restaurants'

UK celebrity chef Jamie Oliver could be extending into Japan with his Italian family restaurant.

Plans are in place for Jamie's Italian to expand into Asia, with Japan tipped to host some of his establishments.

It has been revealed that he wants to open around 30 of his restaurants across Asia with the support of Tranic Franchising, a partner of Jamie's Italian International in Asia.

Commenting on the move, Edward Pinshow, president of Tranic Franchising, said: "In Japan, Jamie's become a household name."

Britons who want to visit Japan to experience its culinary delights may have already tried the Okonomiyaki - Japanese Pizza - or the Salmon Teriyaki with Japanese Rice on

"At Jamie's restaurants, you will often find a blue-collar worker, a student and the chairman of a blue-chip company side-by-side having a meal," Mr Pinshow added.

Holidaymakers in Japan may also want to try its ice cream. Blogging on Weird Asia News, DanBing recently noted that rather than sticking to sweet flavours, people may want to try snake, chicken wings or eel ice cream.

Written by Graham McPherson