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Tuesday, 25th August 2009
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Japan 'hosts potentially greenest data centre'

A new data centre has been announced by Hitachi Data Systems in Japan which the organisation claims could be the industry's most reliable and robust.

The 10,000-sq m Yokohama Third Center has been given a "benchmark" Power Usage Effectiveness rating of 1.6, while delivering the "highest level" of data security, reliability and availability, the technology company claims.

It states that it marks a good move for businesses where being green can give them a competitive advantage, as today's enterprise environment demands 100 per cent uptime.

The data centre has a rooftop garden which shades the building and can lower the indoor temperature in the summer by as much as three degrees Celsius. Outdoor air is also used for cooling systems which have "zero ozone depletion".

Asim Zaheer, vice-president of product and competitive marketing at Hitachi Data Systems, says: "Hitachi Data Systems is focused and committed to delivering green data storage technology that infuses eco-friendly innovation across the entire portfolio of products."

It was recently reported by the Associated Press that a new focus on eco-conscious products by consumers has boosted Japanese exports.

Written by Susan Ballion