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Friday, 9th January 2009
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Japanese scientists clone 'luxury beef' bull

Scientists in Japan have announced the first successful cloning of a bull renowned for producing a luxury brand of beef.

The development could pave the way to the sale of clone beef, reports AFP.

Researchers at Kinki University and the livestock research institute in Gifu said they cloned four Yasufuku calves between November 2007 and July 2008, however two of them died.

In a statement, the team of scientists commented: "Yasufuku's testicles were frozen for a decade without any special treatment."

Kazuhiro Saeki, professor at Kinki University, added: "Our dream is to create a mammoth, although it is a big dream."

A governmental panel is currently looking into the safety of cloned beef and is believed to be leaning towards a favourable conclusion.

In 2003, it was announced that Russian and Japanese scientists were working on a project to clone a mammoth from remains found in the Yakutsk region of Russia.