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Thursday, 8th January 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Japanese Bob Dylan mourns loss of treasured guitar

A performer known by some as the Japanese Bob Dylan is appealing for a new guitar after his last one was run over by a market vendor.

Hisao Shinagawa, who claims to have written "more songs than Bob Dylan", had played the antique guitar given to him by the late folk singer-songwriter Townes Van Standt nearly three decades ago.

His back catalogue of more than 1,700 tunes contain many protest songs calling for social justice, such as Vote Independently and US Out of Iraq Now.

Mr Shinagawa performs regularly at a local farmers' market and estimates the cost of repairing his guitar to be several thousand dollars, reports the San Jose Mercury news.

He told the newspaper: "Someone came up to me and said 'Do you know the difference between you and Bod Dylan?' I said, 'Yeah, he made money'."