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Sunday, 11th January 2009
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Sumo champ to return 'this weekend'

Grand champion sumo wrestler Asashoryu is due to make his return to the rind at this weekend's New Year Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.

A career-threatening elbow injury meant Asashoryu missed the entire Kyushu meet, reports the Associated Press.

His stablemaster Takasago told reporters: "He is gearing up to wrestle and you can say he will appear [at the tournment]."

In a practice session today (January 9th), Asashoryu won eight out of 11 bouts against the newly-promoted ozeki wrestler Harumafauji, formerly known by the moniker Ama.

Asashoryu commented: "It was good practice for both of us. [Practice] is something that I have to get out of the way." reports that a growing number of foreign sumo wrestlers are outnumbering those native to Japan.

The 15-day New Year Grand Sumo Tournament opens at Ryogoku Kokugikan on Sunday and will be the first major sumo competition of 2009.

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