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Thursday, 16th July 2009
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Anime convention hits Baltimore

Anime enthusiasts in Baltimore are set to flock to the Okaton convention, which starts tomorrow (July 17th).

The weekend of anime-themed fun will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center and is schedule to include performances from Japanese artists, showings of anime films and fan panels where true anime lovers can sit down and discuss anime culture with other devotees.

In total, it is hoped that more than 27,000 will walk through the exhibition centre doors this weekend.

A number of people famous in the anime field will also be in attendance, including voice actor Crispin Freeman, known for Howl's Moving Castle, as well as Mike McFarland, famous for Dragonball.

There will also be a dress-up contest to give real anime lovers the chance to don the attire of their favourite characters.

Meanwhile, in San Jose there will be a Japanese culture festival celebrating the Buddhist midsummer holiday of Obon, reports the San Jose Mercury.

Written by Graham McPherson.

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