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Thursday, 11th February 2016
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Anime screenwriter produces new puppet show

Acclaimed anime screenwriter Gen Urobuchi is now moving to the puppeteering industry and has partnered with Taiwanese puppeteers to produce a truly unique show called Thunderbolt Fantasy. 

Many of the anime sector’s most famous figures are artists or vocal performers, though Urobuchi is one of the few who has a strong reputation across the anime industry. He has produced a number of excellent shows including Magi Madoka Magica and Psycho-Pass. 

After visiting Thailand and being fascinated with puppeteering in the country, Mr Urobuchi was encouraged to make a show that mimicked the style seen in the nation. He was impressed by the style of shows from Pili International Multimedia and decided to work with them on Thunderbolt Fantasy. 

As part of the production, the visuals will have computer-generated enhancements added to them, while there are practical effects included on the physical models.  The show was covered at the recent Wonder Festival in Japan. 

When will Thunderbolt Fantasy be released?

Thunderbolt Fantasy is set to be released this summer, though a specific date has not yet been announced. Mr Urobuchi is to serve as scriptwriter and supervisor for the product, while software developer Nitroplus is also involved.

T.M Revolution produced the theme song and Tomokazu Seki and Mai Nakahara are set to play leading roles. Some of the dialogue was even put together in real-time alongside moving puppet scenes. 

Thunderbolt Fantasy will also be exhibited at a stage event at Anime Japan 2016 on March 2016. 

How can travellers gain an insight into the anime world?

Visitors to Japan who are interested in finding out more about the anime industry should consider attending the aforementioned Anime Japan 2016 exhibition.

There is much to enjoy at the exhibition, ranging from coverage of upcoming anime films, shows and novels to interactive areas where visitors can gain an even better insight into. 

In the Creation Area, travellers can take part in two different lessons: a creator workshop and a seminar stage, where top anime producers will provide advice to visitors and teach them some great tips. 

There is also an Open Park at the exhibition, where news conferences, talk-shows and other events take place.  

Cosplayers World also provides much to do for anime fanatics and will offer travellers a fantastic insight into the fanaticism of the industry and why it has resonated with cultures across the world. 

A new exhibition for this year is the Wall of Animation 2016, where some of the top animations from upcoming anime will be assembled together to showcase some of the top artists from different perspectives. 

There is also the Premium Collaboration exhibition, where visitors can look at and purchase works made by collaborators, including the Love Live Nebuta Neputa show, which was created in partnership with the tourism department of Aomori. 

In order to attend the event, tourists need to purchase tickets at the door. The event takes place at the East Exhibition Halls at the Tokyo Big Sight venue.

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