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Monday, 13th July 2009
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Osaka is 'world's greatest food city'

The Japanese city of Osaka is the greatest place in the world to eat, claims one writer.

Blogging for the Guardian, writer and foodie Michael Booth says that Osaka is "fit to burst" with amazing places to eat, from large and busy basement food halls to small and exclusive low-key restaurants.

"This is a city entirely at ease with its culinary identity but open to foreign influences - in this case, largely Korean - with several unique dishes and a population possessed of an admirable gluttony for life," he says.

Mr Booth goes on to praise foods widely available in the city, such as okonomiyaki, which he describes as a thick, filled pancake, as well as tako yaki, or "octopus doughnuts".

Osaka is also home to the best cooking school in the world, he says, the Tsuji Culinary Institute.

Japanese cuisine features a lot of fish dishes and one of the main components of many traditional Japanese meals is rice.

Written by Mark Smith.

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