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Wednesday, 17th June 2009
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Japan bans trade with North Korea

The Japanese government has announced that it will be imposing a ban on trade with North Korea in response to recent nuclear tests conducted by the communist regime.

Exports to North Korea will be prohibited from this week until April 2010, adding to the existing sanctions on imports in place in Japan from a previous nuclear test conducted by Kim Jong Il's regime.

In addition to these measures, prime minister Taro Aso's government also announced that foreigners who violate these restrictions of trade and monetary exchange to North Korea will be prohibited from entering the country.

Japanese chief cabinet secretary Takeo Kawamura told press in Tokyo that it now remained to be seen how the North Korean regime would respond to the "strong message" that Japan has made with its decision.

Earlier this week, AFP reported that the mayor of Hiroshima, the target of the first ever nuclear attack, condemned the North Korean government for its weapons programme and called on the country to bow to international demands to abandon its research and testing.

Written by Graham McPherson

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