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Wednesday, 19th November 2008
In Japan Entertainment News,

Japanese director honoured

Critically acclaimed Japanese film director Takeshi Kitano has been given a top accolade at a Greek film festival.

Kitano was given the Honourary Golden Alexander prize at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival earlier this week for his services to film production, the Mainichi Daily News reports.

The director said he was thrilled with his prize and, in self-effacing style, said he was slightly embarrassed at the recognition.

"I really appreciate it. I will strive to become an even better director. Thank you," he told the audience.

The Golden Alexander is only presented to those deemed to have made particularly distinguished achievements.

American director Oliver Stone, of Natural Born Killers and Alexander fame, also picked up the same award.

Kitano has produced a vast number of films in his native Japan, including Violent Cop, Dolls and Fireworks, which has been hailed by critics as one of the best Japanese films ever made.