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Wednesday, 19th November 2008
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Strong yen 'persuades Japanese to holiday abroad'

Although figures from the Japan National Tourist Organisation showed that fewer people had travelled abroad from the Far Eastern country up until September, that may be about to change thanks to the rebound of the yen.

A sudden strengthening of the Japanese currency is prompting its country folk to consider taking holidays abroad in order to capitalise on this and get more for their money, according to Channel News Asia.

Travel agencies in Japan are reporting an increase in people enquiring about Seoul, Bangkok and Beijing among other destinations.

One man told the news provider: "There are many places in Asia. It'll be nice to go to different places while it's cheap," adding that the strong yen may encourage him to take additional holidays on top of his usual trips.

It was reported recently that Japan had officially fallen into a recession - its first since 2001 - after its economy shrank for three consecutive quarters.