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Monday, 9th March 2009
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Asashoryu makes modelling debut

Champion sumo wrestler Asashoryu has made his debut as a fashion model at a show in Tokyo.

The Mongolian wrestler danced with other models at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium while dressed as a teenage Japanese student.

Referring to the difference between modelling and sumo wrestling, he told Kyodo News: "I felt a kind of tension that was new to me.

"The shrill voices [of the crowd] were also impressive."

The sumo star wore the student's outfit because of the role he played in a recent drink commercial for TV.

Some commentators have criticised his celebrity work, citing the fact that he missed training to take part in the event, just one day before the important Spring Sumo Grand Tournament.

Asashoryu is the 68th yokozuna in the history of sumo, the first Mongolian wrestler to ever achieve the title.

He also became the first person to win all six of the sport's official tournaments in 2005.

Written by Mark Smith