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Thursday, 26th February 2009
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Taxi driver offers 'unique' musical experience

Jazz lovers visiting downtown Tokyo may want to keep an eye out for a unique taxi service that plays jazz tunes while taking passengers of 90-minute tours of the city.

Local cabbie Toshiukia Anzai, 67, has an iPod containing more than 11,000 songs hooked up to a powerful amplifier system in his vehicle.

He believes jazz complements Tokyo's landscape and the emotional temperament of the Japanese people.

"Anyone can play jazz in a cab, yet so far no driver has surpassed me as a jazz taxi," he told the Japan Times, adding: "Some have tried, but they looked foolish when passengers asked about the music and they couldn't explain anything."

Mr Anzai has been on the road for more than 36 years and has loved jazz for almost as long.

While most of the music on his iPod is jazz-orientated, occasionally he will play some Wagner or Deep Purple for a change.

One of the best jazz bars in Tokyo, according to, are Aketa No Mise and Blue Note Tokyo.

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