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Monday, 8th December 2008
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Task force to recommend limiting taxi numbers

Moves are afoot to limit the number of taxis driving around some areas of Japan, it has been revealed.

A draft proposal from a Construction and Transport Ministry task force is to call for the introduction of a system to cut the number of cabs in parts of Japan that have seen a large rise in taxi numbers, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun.

The ministry intends to select 100 areas of Japan, including Osaka, Sendai and Tokyo, where the number of taxis will be controlled.

Takashi Okada, head researcher at the Japan Research Institute, commented: "The taxi industry also serves as an employment safety valve because people with driver's licenses can find work [as drivers].

"I fear the system could lead to more rigid fares for passengers."

Most visitors to Japan will probably be inclined to shun the often expensive taxis in favour of the cheaper, efficient public transport alternatives.