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Friday, 3rd October 2008
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Japanese researchers triumph at weird science awards

A group of researchers from Japan has scooped the Ig Nobel Prize for weird science.

The scientists were recognised for discovering that a unicellular amoeboid organism can find out the shortest distance in a maze, reports Japan Today.

At a ceremony in the US, the Annuls of Improbable Research magazine awarded prizes in ten categories.

Among the six joint winner of the prize in the cognitive science category were Toshiyuki Nakagaki, associate professor at Hokkaido University, professor Ryo Kobayashi of Hiroshima University, and Atsushi Tero, a researcher at the Japan Science and Technology Agency.

The Ig Nobel peace prize was awarded to the government of Switzerland's ethics committee for claiming that plants have the same dignity as humans.

Honours also went to a team of scientists who discovered that Coke is an effective spermicide.

Dignitaries attending the prestigious ceremony included Nobel Laureate William Lipscomb (left) and Benoit Mandelbrot, the inventor of the mathematical concept of fractals.