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Monday, 25th February 2008
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Bad weather causes death in Japan's coastal regions

Bad weather has left a number of individuals dead in a number of Japan's costal regions, it has emerged.

Impacting upon areas facing the Sea of Japan, bad weather has affected a total of 11 prefectures, killing a minimum of three individuals and leaving a further 35 injured, reports Kyodo News.

One person has been confirmed missing.

In addition to strong winds and heavy snowfall, flooding has also been a concern as approximately 200 properties have been damaged in Toyama Prefecture - the inland water was a consequence of wind-roughened seas.

Stormy seas have also affected Sad in Niigata Prefecture, where waves have caused damage to both cars and fishing boats. More than nine individuals are believed to have been injured in the prefecture.

The missing person, based in Toyama Prefecture, disappeared after heading outside to investigate the shore.

The Japan Metrological Agency has issued a number of weather advisories, including high wave warnings for Tohoku and Kanto regions.