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Monday, 31st March 2008
In Japan Entertainment News,

US singer brings 'new sense of cool' to Japanese folk music

An African-American singer is reawakening Japan's interest in its rich culture of traditional folk-style music.

Known as Jero in Japan, Jerome White Junior is doing well with performances of a style of music known in Japan as enka, reports AFP.

Enka is a form of music that became popular in Japan after the second world war, but has declined in popularity among today's young music fans.

"His voice is really smooth and he gives so much feeling when he sings. I'm moved … He's so cool!" said excited fan Yuki Kato.

"Ever since I've listened to him I've wanted to listen to enka more."

Jero, whose grandmother came from Japan, is able to speak Japanese fluently - a feat that has reportedly not gone unnoticed.

Popular themes in enka songs are often those relating to love, suicide and loneliness, according to AFP.

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