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Monday, 31st March 2008
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Japanese full-time employment 'on increase'

Full-time employment levels in Japan are on the increase, new data has revealed.

Stastics released by the country's health, labour and welfare ministry have found that for the first time in 16 months, the increase in the number of full-time workers has exceeded the uptake in the part-time sector, reports Mainichi Daily News.

The findings of the department are based upon a study of 33,000 businesses, employing a minimum of five members of staff.

"The results of the survey suggest that some companies started to secure talented personnel while closely watching the economic slowdown," said a representative from the ministry.

Data from the ministry has revealed that, compared with February 2007, the number of full-time employees in February 2008 was 2.4 per cent higher at 33 million.

The remit of the health, labour and welfare ministry covers a number of policy areas, including food, health and social security.