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Friday, 21st October 2016
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Japan rocked by magnitude 6.6 earthquake

Western Japan has been hit by a magnitude 6.6 earthquake, early reports suggest, with the Meteorological Agency saying there is no tsunami warning.

The event occurred at 2.10pm local time today (October 21st), which equates to 5.10am GMT and was centred in the Tottori Prefecture.

Some 430 miles from Tokyo, the inland trembler originated at a depth of six miles underground, but was strongly felt in both Kyoto and Osaka, which lie a considerable distance away.

Reports from local official speaking to the public broadcaster NHK suggest that the town of Yurihama had seen a house collapse and fires had broken out elsewhere in the prefecture.

Seven emergency calls to the fire department in Kurayoshi City to assist with injuries were also reported.

Suminori Sakinada, a local government official, told Agence France Presse (AFP): "We felt fairly strong jolts, which I think were the biggest in years, but we have not seen any damage or things falling."

All services aboard bullet trains have been suspended in the area and some 40,000 households are without electricity, after power cables were knocked out.

None of the nuclear reactors in the area were affected, as they were all switched off, NHK reported.

As aftershocks continue to be felt in the area, a response team has been put into action by prime minister Shinzo Abe’s office.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are commonplace in Japan due to its location at the intersection between four tectonic plates.

Modern building regulations across the country mean that despite the frequency of tremors, relatively little damage is done.