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Thursday, 20th October 2016
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Manga fans in Japan get their own Kindle

While nothing compares to having a paper manga comic to read, it’s not surprising that many fans of the genre use modern technology to get their fix.

Now, the Japanese arm of Amazon has released a region-specific version of its celebrated Kindle e-reader to tap into this market.

While 4GB is generally plenty of storage for the average book-lover using the Kindle Paperwhite, it simply isn’t enough for manga aficionados.

On first look, the Manga Model resembles the standard Paperwhite, but with 32GB of storage, Amazon estimates a user can hold around 700 comics on it.

To put this into real-life manga terms, that means housing the entire runs of Naruto, Asari-chan, and Kochikame on your device without any problems.

As the act of reading manga is quite different to reading a novel or article, there are other changes made to the regular Paperwhite to accommodate manga fans.

These include a 33 per cent increase on page-turning speed, meaning nothing need slow down the action and enjoyment of reading the comic.

The Kindle Manga Model has a higher price point than the standard Paperwhite to reflect its spec, but is expected to be popular with this audience.

Only available in Japan, it can be pre-ordered for 16,280 yen (£128) or 12,280 yen (£96) for Amazon Prime members, making it 2,000 yen (£16) more than the regular Paperwhite model.

For those travelling to Japan, the best selection of manga is still at local bookstores and represents a great souvenir from your trip.

If you are a massive fan, however, it may be worth investing in the Kindle Manga Model during your holiday, so you can have it all stored on the device when you return home.

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