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Friday, 11th April 2008
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Japan extends sanctions against North Korea

Officials in Japan have extended sanctions against North Korea.

Following the earlier imposition of economic sanctions against North Korea, Japanese officials have opted to extend measures for a further six-month period.

Initially imposed following the country's 2006 nuclear test, the sanctions prohibit the visit of North Korean ships to Japan - in addition to prohibiting the importation of goods - and have been imposed, in part, because of the limited progress made on the issue of denuclearisation

The regime spends approximately 25 per cent of its overall gross domestic product on the military, according to the BBC.

"North Korea hasn't made a complete and correct declaration on its nuclear programmes yet," said Nobutaka Machimura, Japan's chief cabinet secretary.

"Taking into account of situations surrounding North Korea, we have decided that we need to keep the sanctions."

Japan also has concerns over an unresolved issue relating to Japanese citizens seized in previous years by North Korea - although the latter country now considers the issue to be resolved.

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