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Friday, 11th April 2008
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Average age of Japan's isolated increases

The average age of those in Japan who shut themselves off from the rest of society has increased, a survey has revealed.

Conducted on members of Zenkoku Hikikomori KHJ Oya no Kai, the survey has found that while there are individuals below the age of 30 in Japan who actively decide to isolate themselves, the practice has increased among individuals either in their 30s or 40s, reports Mainichi Daily News.

"Concerns by socially withdrawn people and their parents are leading to family breakups, and we're starting to see terrible situations in which people kill their parents, carry out murder-suicides or take their own lives," said Masahisa Okuyama, a representative from Zenkoku Hikikomori KHJ Oya no Kai.

Although the survey found the youngest and oldest socially isolated people to be aged 13 and 52 respectively, the average age of occurrence is 30.12 years of age.

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