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Thursday, 17th April 2008
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Bank employee arrested amid charges of child prostitution

A Japanese bank employee has been arrested in relation to breaking laws on child prostitution and pornography involving children.

According to reports by Mainichi Daily News, the bank employee was arrested in Nagoya, while on a business trip, following his payment to a schoolgirl in relation to "indecent behaviour" to be conducted in a hotel.

Police officers have confirmed that the man made a payment to the girl, despite him being aware that she was not yet 18.

"It's extremely regrettable that an employee of our bank has been arrested. We will deal with the matter strictly after investigating the facts of the case," said a representative from the bank where the man works.

While Japan's national legal age of consent is 13-years-of-age, at the prefectural level this is usually increased to 18, according to Aids charity Avert.

The 16-year-old school girl was paid a total of ¥40,000.

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