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Thursday, 17th April 2008
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Needles detected in supermarket food

A number of needles have been detected in supermarket food in the eastern Shizuoka area of Japan, it has emerged.

According to reports by Mainichi Daily News, the needles were detected in three separate incidents, each of which took place over the course of this week.

The Shizuoka Prefecture is located on Honshu, Japan's main island and is famous as the former home of Japan's first ever Tokugawa Shogun.

Shizuoka is home to a number of hot springs and was the capital of the former daimyo.

In every single instance where needles were found, the packaging of the products had been perforated with small holes and the detected needles were all approximately four centimetres in length.

Separately, at a store in Fujinomiya, a banana was purchased which was also found to contain a needle.

The incidents are currently being investigated by the police.