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Thursday, 17th December 2015
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Japanese rugby star made Master of Ninjas

Ever since the Rugby World Cup, Japanese fans have been going mad for full-back Ayumu Goromaru, who helped his team get further than anyone had expected.

There have been a whole host of honours heaped on the sportsman in the last few months, with statues erected to him and even a giraffe taking his name.

Now, the 29-year-old has been made a Master of Ninjas in recognition of his signature kicking pose, which includes clasping his hands together and wiggling his fingers.

Such decisions are down to the Japan Ninja Council, who presented Goromaru with a certificate to make his new title official.

The council is a nationwide organisation that promotes the culture associated with ninjas, which were Japanese spies in ancient times.

They were known for acts of espionage, sabotage and for carrying out assassinations, although the title is more honorary these days.

Goromaru said: “I’m glad to be awarded the title of ninja at a time when Japanese rugby players are earning attention from overseas.

“I’d like to transform my body so I can move quickly like a ninja and compete on the world stage.”

Visitors to Japan keen to embrace the Goromaru fever that is sweeping the nation can see the bronze statue that has been put up as part of the Christmas illuminations in Tokyo.

Alternatively, Hamamatsu Zoo now has a giraffe named after the rugby star, after it was given the moniker in November in the hope it’ll grow into a strong adult.

Finally, fans have been flocking to the Seki Zenkoji Temple in Nagano in Gifu Prefecture, where a Buddhist statue seems to have adopted Goromaru’s famous pose.

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