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Monday, 7th December 2015
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Mount Aso erupts on a small-scale

Mount Aso has erupted this morning (December 7th), but the activity has been relatively small-scale, according to the weather agency.

It is the first time that the volcano in southwestern Japan has erupted since October 23rd and there have been no reports of any injuries.

One of the incredible things about Mount Aso is that it has five peaks and it was the crater of Mount Nakadake, which is among them, that exploded.

The smoke was visible about 700 metres above the crater, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

It is up to the agency to assess the situation and decide on the alert level in such instances, with two on a scale that goes up to five having been selected this time.

The agency warned that rocks could fall within a kilometre of the crater and nobody should approach the volcano.

An official of the agency's Fukuoka Regional Headquarters said: "An eruption of this level can happen at any time."

Japan is home to a large quantity of active volcanoes and therefore the authorities are well-prepared to deal with such instances and ensure that nobody is harmed.

Mount Aso is the biggest of the active volcanoes in Japan and reaches a whopping 1,592 metres above sea level.

It is a popular tourist destination when there are no warnings in place and it is deemed safe to visit.

The Nakadake crater can be reached by toll road or on foot, making the peak a great place to go hiking for spectacular views.

Across the road from the volcano is the Aso Volcano Museum, where visitors can find out more about the peak, how it was formed and its eruptions.

It is always a good idea to check the status of Mount Aso before setting off to visit, as it erupts fairly regularly.

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