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Monday, 14th September 2015
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Eruption at Mount Aso on Japan's Kyushu Island

One of the most active volcanoes in Japan erupted this morning (September 14th), sending smoke two kilometres up into the air.

Mount Aso is located on the southern island of Kyushu and had not shown any warning signs before it suddenly blew its top.

Japan's Meteorological Agency said that although there were a few people at the volcano's car park, they were evacuated safely and no injuries or damage has been reported.

Mount Aso is a popular hiking destination, but at the time of the eruption, there was nobody on the volcano.

Footage broadcast on NHK national television showed the smoke from the eruption and it is reported that ash has been falling four kilometres away.

All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines have both been forced to cancel flights as a result of the ash cloud.

The volcano alert system now stands at three out of five for Mount Aso, indicating that it should not be approached, due to the potential for further eruptions.

Japan is well prepared for such occasions as it is situated on the Ring of Fire, a network of volcanoes and fault lines around the Pacific Ocean.

It is home to more than 100 volcanoes and has procedures in place to ensure that people are evacuated safely as soon as any sign of eruption is discovered.

Alerts were put in place by the Japan Meteorological Agency last month at Mount Sakurajima, as increased seismic activity had been detected at the volcano.

Many people live within the shadows of volcanoes in Japan and they make up some of the country's stunning landscapes.

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