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Tuesday, 27th May 2008
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Bulgarian sumo star wins title

A Bulgarian wrestler has taken Japan by storm and picked up a prestigious sumo title in Tokyo, according to reports.

The man who calls himself Kotooshu - but is known in his homeland as Kaloyan Mahlyanov - fended off the challenge of the Mongolian heavyweight Ama in a fiercely contested show piece event.

Having made his debut as a sumo in 2002, Kotooshu has entered dozens of tournaments and took his first Emperor's Cup with a bout to spare.

In doing so, the former Greco-Roman wrestler enhanced his own position as one of the men to beat on Japan's sumo circuit and became the first European to collect an Emperor's Cup title.

Kaloyan Mahlyanov is known to be popular in Japan and is known as sumo's answer to David Beckham, according to a report by the Guardian.