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Tuesday, 27th May 2008
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Integration 'easy' for foreigners in Japan

It is easy for people coming from other parts of the world to integrate into Japanese society, according to a number of young people polled recently.

The Japan Times quizzed Gerard Robb, a 31-year-old Australian student, and 23-year-old fellow student German Swantje Wuebbenhorst and both agreed that if visitors are willing to make an effort the chance to integrate is available in Japan.

As part of the same small-scale study, native Japanese Yuzuki Abe, aged 18, suggested that Tokyo is the best place for foreigners to stay if they want to integrate into and fully experience the best of the national culture.

Meanwhile, 49-year-old dentist T Mutoh said: "When you consider some places, where people of certain backgrounds won't even eat dinner together, Japan is almost like heaven."

Under current regulations, citizens from the UK are not required to obtain a visa for visits of six months or less.