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Friday, 26th September 2014
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Japan Matsuri to return to Trafalgar Square

Japan's rich traditions, incredible food and unique traditions will be shown off in Trafalgar Square at the end of this month (September 27th ), with the return of the highly successful Japan Matsuri extravaganza.

The event, which promises to bring the customs and atmospheres of places such as Mount Fuji, Gion geisha district in Kyoto and Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, is a dynamic annual celebration held to commemorate longstanding ties between the Japanese and British governments.

As such, it is opened every year by His Excellency Mr Keiichi Hayashi, ambassador of Japan, as well as the chairman of the Japan Matsuri Committee Mr Keisaku Sano, before the exciting programme of events gets underway.

From 11am, the square will be filled with the tongue tantalising scents of Japanese cooking, with okonomiyaki (savoury pancake), takoyaki (octopus balls) and bento boxes among the tasty treats to be found. Yummy cakes and quirky sweets that you might find in a Japanese bakery or sweet shop are also on offer. Stalls will offer traditional handmade crafts for people to take home with them, to remind them of the day.

As always, there will be plenty of entertainment on the main stage, with a karaoke competition and appearances from Japanese celebrities including Reijiro Tsumura and Joji Hirota scheduled for the afternoon. 

It's all family friendly fun too, with an array of traditional Japanese games, chances to learn the secrets of origami or become a manga artist sure to appeal to both children and adults.

If you're keen to enjoy a full day of taiko drumming, sushi, traditional Japanese martial arts and more, be sure to turn up in Trafalgar Square on September 27th for the 11am start. The fun goes on late into the night, with plenty of worthwhile activities to participate in.

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