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Tuesday, 3rd June 2008
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Japanese families urged to bathe in 'quick succession'

Families in Japan have been advised to decrease the amount of time spent between baths, it has been claimed.

With Japanese people opting to wash before they enter the bath, Japanese families have a tradition of reusing the bath water after one family member has finished.

And although Japanese families use less energy than households in either Europe or the US, a government report has recommended that the time between individuals hopping into the tub be shortened to reduce the energy consumed through keeping the water hot, reports Reuters.

Japanese bath water is often hotter than westerners would normally be used to, according to Japan Guide.

While Japanese energy consumption levels are lower than elsewhere, between 1990 and 2005, usage has increased by 44 per cent.

Japanese households have also been advised by the government to spend less time in the shower.