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Wednesday, 4th June 2008
In Japan Sports News,

Japan's men's volleyball team 'reveals secret weapon'

Japan's male volleyball team has opted to wear a new type of underwear in a bid to qualify for representation at the forthcoming Olympic games.

Unlike their female counterparts, the men's volleyball team of Japan has not played at the Olympic games for the last 16 years, and it is hoped that their new ultra-light pants will give them the necessary boost, reports Mainichi Daily News.

In Japan, professional volleyball is a popular sport and games are played under the umbrella of the V-League, according to

One of the features of the new undergarments is that they are able to correctly align the pelvis of the wearer; however, there are those who do not think these new pants will provide the support the team are hoping for.

"What's the fuss going on about uniforms that will make players jump another seven millimetres higher? It'd be better if we could make all the players an average of seven millimetres taller," said Junya Inami, a sports columnist.

"Without height it's hard to compete on a world level".