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Thursday, 5th June 2008
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Expert urges patience when learning kanji

Struggling students of the Japanese language may be comforted by the advice offered by an expert.

In a report by the Japan Times, Roger Pulvers has confirmed his belief that, while kanji certainly takes time to master, it is a good idea to get to grips with as many phrases as possible that make use of four kanji characters.

Originating from China, kanji is one of three written scripts used in Japan.

"Now, you may find these compound kanji phrases difficult. Well, they are difficult, even to Japanese. But it is worth persisting with them, if your goal is to truly master the language," said Mr Pulvers.

Moreover, he believes that developing fluency in the Japanese language is possible through the use of phrases made up of four kanji.

It is important to remember however, that Rome was not built in one day - or as they say in Japan, according to Mr Pulvers, "big vessels, late growing".