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Monday, 28th July 2014
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Japan bakes in summer sun

People in Japan are currently feeling the heat, with temperatures soaring today (July 25th) to heights of 38 degrees in some prefectures. The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued heat warnings, claiming the risk of heat stroke is "exceptionally high".

A total of 39 prefectures recorded their highest temperatures so far this year, as much of the nation sizzled under the summer sun.

In Tajimi, Gifu prefecture, residents were particularly feeling the heat as the day's highest temperature of 39.1 degrees was recorded, at around 1.40pm. Elsewhere in Gifu city, the mercury shot up to 38 degrees, while Nagoya and Kyoto both recorded temperatures of 37.9 degrees.

The bad news for those who can't stand the heat is that the sun is unlikely to abate soon, with the Japan Meteorological Agency predicting the situation will continue over the weekend.

According to the organisation, the heat wave is being caused by a high pressure system lingering over the Japanese archipelago.

Forecasters had originally predicted average to cool temperatures for the start of the summer, with the climate pattern known as El Nino set to develop over the equatorial Pacific.

However, the agency has now issued a correction to its month-long forecast, claiming Japan can expect to see average to high temperatures throughout the month of August instead.

It has been a tricky year to be a weather forecaster in Japan, with unprecedented snow covering much of the nation in the early months that grounded flights in Tokyo and caused a number of car accidents.

Weather in the country varies considerably from prefecture to prefecture and depending on the time of year can be very hot or very cold. For those travelling to the country, it is important to do your research beforehand, particularly if you're travelling to multiple regions.