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Thursday, 19th June 2008
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Japanese warship makes historic voyage to China

A warship has set sail to make the first voyage by a Japanese destroyer to China since the end of the World War Two.

The vessel Sazanami, together with a complement of 240 crew members is taking part in a two-way military exercise with the aim of improving ties between the two countries, reports the Associated Press.

Commenting at a televised departure ceremony at the post of Kure in southern Japan, rear admiral Shinichi Tokumaru said: "Our China visit will not only help us build trust between Japan and China, but also peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region,"

He added: "We'll do our utmost to boost our friendship."

Last November saw the first visit by a Chinese military ship to Japan since the end of the war.

Although a peace and friendship treaty was signed between the two nations, Sino-Japanese relations have long been strained due to territorial disputes and disagreements regarding aspects of history.

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