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Thursday, 16th January 2014
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Fukuroda waterfall embraces the rainbow

Tourists travelling to Daigo in the Ibaraki Prefecture should make an effort to experience Japan's natural beauty by visiting the Fukuroda waterfall, which has been illuminated with a spectacular lighting display that only enhances its beauty.

The spectacle will be performed from sunset until 8pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as national holidays, all the way through to February 11th.

Fukuroda is considered to be one of the three most famous waterfalls in Japan, with the water cascading off a gigantic rock cliff in four sections. During the winter months, it has been known to freeze thanks to the high altitude.

Other popular areas of exceptional natural beauty include the Taki River, which was praised by famous Japanese poet Saigyo.

Those who are restricted to Tokyo are advised to take a day trip out to the town of Nikko, which features a high number of Buddhist temples surrounded by woodland, as well as the famous Shinkyo Bridge.

Written by Susan Ballion