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Monday, 7th July 2008
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Indigenous peoples criticise G8 economic agenda

An international conference of indigenous peoples in Hokkaido has concluded with the condemnation of the G8 leaders' economic agenda.

In a statement, the representatives of 17 ethnic groups from 11 different countries expressed their "profound concern" for the state of the planet, blaming the free market economic agenda of the G8 countries for climate change, the global good crisis, high oil prices and the increasing poverty.

"We believe that the economic growth model and modernisation promoted by the G8, which suggests that we can control and dominate nature, is flawed," said the group.

The conference did however welcome the Japanese government's recent recognition of the Ainu native people of northern Japan.

According to the New York Times, the Ainu had previously been denied recognition as successive governments were concerned about possible compensation claims from the ethnic group whose land was seized by Japanese settlers in the last 19th-century.